Canadian Firarms Questions and Answers

1.) What does PAL mean?

2.) What is a firearms license?

3.) Do I have to take the firearms safety course before I renew my firearms license?

4.) Where do I get a PAL License?

5.) Can I shoot a gun without a firearms license?

6.) What do I need to take my handgun to a shooting range?

7.) How do I obtain an Authorization to Transport (ATT)?

8.) What are the requirements for inheriting a firearm?

9.) What is the differenced between PAL and POL?

10.) How do I register a firearm?

11.) What does it mean to verify a firearm?

12.) Does my firearm need to be verified before registering it?

13.) How long is my firearms license good for?

14.) How do I obtain a firearms license?

15.) What do you learn by taking the Canadian firearms course?

16.) Do I have to take the course?

17.) Is there more than one license?

18.) What is the difference between the Non-restricted and the restricted course?

19.) What does CFSC stand for?

20.) What does CRFSC stand for?

21.) How old do you have to be to obtain a gun/firearms license?

22.) How do I replace a lost, stolen or destroyed registration certificate?

23.) Can I laminate my paper registration certificates to protect them from wear and tear?

24.) If a firearm is registered to me, how do I get it deregistered from my name if I sell or give it to someone else?

25.) How do I de-register a firearm that I have exported to another country?

26.) Do air guns have to be registered?

27.) I have an old firearm that does not work; do I need to register it?

28.) If I make a firearm or assemble one from a kit, at what point do I have to register it?

29.) What is C.O.R.E?

30.) Who can challenge the hunting/C.O.R.E test?

31.) getting a gun license

32.) What is an FAC

33.) Is the PAL course the same as Federal Firearms Training

34.) Can I ship a Firearm by mail

35.) what are the different types of gun courses

36.) What is a POL

37.) How can I get a prohibited licence

38.) How long does it take to get a Canadian firearms license and certification (PAL, RPAL or CORE Hunting license)?

39.) What do the acronyms ACTS & PROVE stand for?