For new and experienced shooters

Over years of training people CFA instructors found that numerous clients were requesting an option to explore shooting styles without having to make any substantial investment prior to making a decision. Our introduction to shooting courses help clients to make educated decisions when choosing which licenses are the best for their purposes, which discipline of shooting they enjoy the most and invaluable information and tips when purchasing the right firearms. The introduction courses are available to all levels of shooter and can be adjusted to meet client specifications.

The introduction to firearms course was designed to give new students or experienced shooters the opportunity to explore the full range of the sport of shooting and all the different disciplines that exist.

Shooting disciplines we teach:

  • Shotgun Shooting
  • Rifle Shooting
  • Pistol Shooting

Included in each intro course is the firearm that corresponds with the training requested along with all ammunition, targets, range fees and the time of a qualified and certified instructor.

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